I very much appreciate the comments, help and encouragement from the following people.

Chris Frankum - Head of ICT at The Downs School for help in the appropriate use of ICT hardware and software and more importantly for sharing in my enthusiasm for the project.

Kim Garland - Science Consultant and now Assistant Head at Redlands School, Bristol for support and encouragement to apply for the Gatsby Teaching Fellowship. Kim's thoughts have been most gratefully received throughout the project.

Sandra Amos - Gatsby Teaching Fellowship Science Mentor for providing really useful ideas and for encouraging me to focus and direct the project.

Shipra, Max, Kathy and Sally - Science Technicians at The Downs School for being so helpful in providing me with apparatus, chemicals and help with the filming of practicals and for their enduring patience.

Adrian Baker - My husband for putting up with the many many hours of me working on the computer and for giving me the benefit of his experience when Word, Powerpoint or Dreamweaver just weren't doing what I thought they should have done.

Daniel Raven-Ellison - For providing me with initial support in purchasing my video camera and for providing stimulus material on the use of videos in teaching.

Sally Thurlow, Judi Crawford, Sandra Clinton, John Oversby and Gail Lydford for initial review which helped me to focus on the target audience and form of the final resource.

Students of The Downs School - Specifically Matthew Snelgar for trying to persuade me that I really didn't need to go on a course to improve my ICT skills which served to give me confidence, Eleanor Purnell who helped with the videoing of some experiments and to others for showing enthusiasm for the resources to the point where they actually requested a copy of the CD for Christmas.